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How a united opposition can win GE14 Part 1

The opposition parties disagree on too many things to be able to form a stable government for 5 years. But they all agree on the need to change the government and fight corruption. Therefore, they should be able to form a temporary coalition to fight GE14 on a platform that they will rule for only 1 year to implement a limited, specific and agreed program of institutional reform and repeal of oppressive laws.

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Sedition Act

Sedition Act severely limits the ability of individuals to criticise the state, which is crucial to maintaining freedom. Sedition law originated in England in the early 17th century, Originally intention was irrelevant, but in the UK and many countries, the law evolved until today the intention to provoke violence aimed at overthrowing the government by force must be proven before conviction. This resulted in the Sedition Act falling into disuse. In Malaysia intention is still not acceptable as a defence.

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Bersih meeting needed for Civil Society to decide on Citizen’s Declaration

As the umbrella body for civil society, Bersih must call a general meeting of its endorsing NGOs to enable civil society to reach a consensus on the Citizens’ Declaration. Civil society leaders who support the Citizens’ Declaration must critically assess what they are supporting. It is untrue for them to claim that the effect of removing Najib is unknown. If UMNO remains in power, it is a certainty that Najib will be replaced by Ahmad Zahid Hamidi.

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