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How a united opposition can win GE14 Part 1

The opposition parties disagree on too many things to be able to form a stable government for 5 years. But they all agree on the need to change the government and fight corruption. Therefore, they should be able to form a temporary coalition to fight GE14 on a platform that they will rule for only 1 year to implement a limited, specific and agreed program of institutional reform and repeal of oppressive laws.

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Will refusing to ‘agree to disagree’ save or destroy Pakatan Harapan?

Pakatan Harapan has announced it will no longer “agree to disagree’, believing this prevents clear decisions being made. But without ‘agreeing to disagree’ whose God is the one and only true God, we will not have religious tolerance. In situations where executive action is not required, ‘agreeing to disagree’ keeps nations and political parties united. In situations where executive action is required, ‘agreeing to disagree’ is not an option, and unity may have to be sacrificed.

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What’s right and wrong with Rafizi’s GE14 strategy

Rafizi is right in wanting to maintain ties with PAS but wrong in believing that PAS will help Pakatan Harapan win GE14 without wanting a say on government policy. But a limited time, limited program opposition pact is possible, credible and can produce a winning combination of UMNO dissidents, PAS, PKR, DAP, and Amanah.

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Unwise of DAP to demand the expulsion of PAS from Pakatan Rakyat

Expelling PAS from Pakatan Rakyat (PR) will not stop them from pushing for the implementation of hudud in Kelantan. On the other hand, PR risks losing the Selangor state government and any hope of winning GE14. A combined PAS UMNO will regain a two thirds Parliamentary majority, enabling them to re-draw Parliamentary constituencies to the detriment of the opposition. At GE13 the Chinese voted for ABU (anybody but UMNO). Changing horses in midstream now will result in the worst of both worlds.

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