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Saddened that the British chose Brexit. We get a better world by putting humanity’s common interests first, not by fighting over narrow national interests.

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We have a mountain to climb

BN’s election victories are a bitter disappointment. But some, given no chance of success, have succeeded. There is hope, but we have a mountain to climb.

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Reduce the power of the Prime Minister

The integrity of our national institutions have been undermined because the Malaysian Constitution and other legislation concentrate the power of appointment of officers of our national institutions in the hands of one man, the Prime Minister. We must transfer the power of the PM to appoint to an independent, non-political Commission for Appointment to High Office.

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Sedition Act

Sedition Act severely limits the ability of individuals to criticise the state, which is crucial to maintaining freedom. Sedition law originated in England in the early 17th century, Originally intention was irrelevant, but in the UK and many countries, the law evolved until today the intention to provoke violence aimed at overthrowing the government by force must be proven before conviction. This resulted in the Sedition Act falling into disuse. In Malaysia intention is still not acceptable as a defence.

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Will refusing to ‘agree to disagree’ save or destroy Pakatan Harapan?

Pakatan Harapan has announced it will no longer “agree to disagree’, believing this prevents clear decisions being made. But without ‘agreeing to disagree’ whose God is the one and only true God, we will not have religious tolerance. In situations where executive action is not required, ‘agreeing to disagree’ keeps nations and political parties united. In situations where executive action is required, ‘agreeing to disagree’ is not an option, and unity may have to be sacrificed.

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