I am saddened that the British people have voted by a whisker thin majority to leave the EU. I am saddened because I believe that the way forward to a more peaceful, a more lifestyle enhancing and a more prosperous world is through putting humanity’s common interests first and not fighting over narrow national interests.

I am certain one of the major reasons for a Leave vote is the fear of being overwhelmed by immigrants, especially from Turkey, in the likely event that they become a member of the EU.

Of more immediate concern is that it introduces political and economic uncertainty into the previously relatively stable UK and Europe. David Cameron, UK’s PM, has resigned and we await the election of the new Leader of the Conservative Party and next PM. The opposition Labour Party is facing a leadership crisis, triggered by its leader’s, Jeremy Corbyn’s, lack lustre performance for the Remain camp in the Brexit campaign. Dire economic consequences following Brexit have been predicted by many, including IMF.

In a world troubled by big problems at home in Malaysia, turmoil and conflict in the Middle East, deadly terrorist attacks in countries all over the world, political and corruption scandals in Brazil and South Africa, political and economic meltdown in Venezuela, and an inexperienced, rash, divisive and 4 time bankrupt Donal Trump running for the presidency of the United States, I had hoped for a zone of relative calm and stability in Europe and UK. But it looks as if it is not going to be.

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